It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Everything's fine and I've sure enough had a lot of thoughts running through my mind about a variety of things. I've also had continuous problems with one of my son's teachers, so please keep him in prayer, and for the sake of the teacher's safety, pray for me also. Ok I was just joking. But seriously, as an anniversary gift , I took my wife ball room dancing. We are learning how to do the Rumba. Last night, after having discussions about Ms Migilicutty (or is that Ms Crabtree) we departed for our third lesson. While the dancing is fun, the therapy is the most beneficial aspect and I REALLY needed therapy last night.


Now I'm not one to brag, but I can dance. I mean I can put it down. I mean, in college I helped choreograph some of the steps for the marching band. I'm glad to say that I have not lost a step. BUT the rumba is a little different, and in a moment of timidity, I looked at my wife and said now what. She looked at me and gently yet firmly said, "You lead". Those words were liberating. They enabled me to enjoy myself without fear of failure. For the rest of the night we continued to learn new steps, step on each others toes, and bump knees together.


I think that dancing philosophy has unknowingly allowed our marriage to last in spite of both of us coming from so called broken homes, or in her case two blended families. I have some friends that I'd like to go with us. Unfortunately, one won't go because as they said, "saints don't dance", but this saint told their spouse that, "If you don't stop this discussion and go to sleep, I'm going to punch you in your mouth". Sooooooo you can't go to a dance studio (not even a bar), but you can bust your spouse in the face and go to a divorce lawyer.


For the record, I'm saved, and I represent Christ in everything I do but I try not to be tooooo deep. To deep, is shallow all over again.


Until next time, get yo rumba on!


I just love it when a man leads, and I'm sure your wife does too! I love that you two love one another and are committed to enhancing your love and your lives together. I wish more than anything I could dance. My ancestors are 1/2 Chinese and I can cook rice but I can't shake what my momma gave me because she gave me her thin lips and her writing genes (lol) I use to watch Music video and try to practice but once I became saved, I realized that the videos were way to sexist for me and now I just stick to dancing in my car and singing in the shower. Video not in the making (lol)

Love you and tell the Mssss. she's really lucky!
Keith said…
Hey good luck on the Rumba lessons.
As our daughter prepares to get married and leave the nest in a few
months, you have given me a great idea of things my wife and I can do
together, now that we won't have grandchildren to watch (for awhile)

Also tell your friend who said that "Saints don't dance" to read the bible...David Danced wildly for the Lord. lololol
Stacye said…
Well said Keith! Hey, we dance...we just dance to another tune and sometimes to the tune of beating hearts!

Rumba is a very sexy dance and what a great anniversary gift! I love to hand dance but dont get to do it often enough...no one to dance with. :(

Anywho...to Mr and Mrs SLC

Love Ya,
Parkay said…
Hey dear one, I think that its wonderful that you and your wife are doing this together. It is theraputic in many ways. Maybe you can both try line dancing if you haven't already. God bless you my friend. I've had so much bad news this year then I care to mention. It always good to hear the good stuff too ;-) Peace!