Facebook - Blogger - Addictive?

These thoughts were supposed to be a comment for a post on
Character Corner, but I thought it was a little to long so here it is.

Although I've lived in Virginia for 21 years, I've always missed my hometown; Paterson New Jersey, and all the people I grew up with. My wife's entire family is here; both of her brothers, both step sisters, and both sets of parents. Occasionaly I find myself feeling out of place, or not a part of this extended family picture. These feelings increased after my family had a reunion in Richmond Virginia last year. When they all departed for their homes up and down the East Coast, I went home to Varina County (Richmond suburb) to settle back in to my routine of Family, Church, Work......Family, Church, Work......Family, Church, Work.

About a month later I was checking out Character Corner, a blog by my homegirl and fellow Eastside HIgh School graduate Attorneymom. This led me to the creation of Perspective, and somehow eventually lead me to facebook.

I had heard a lot of crappy things about facebook, but when I found out who was using it, I realized it couldn't be all bad. Attorneymom, Free Spirit, Stacye, Tammy, Myriam, and Keith. All bloggers whose character I respect as much as their writing.

Facebook has also allowed me to reconnect with people I haven't seen in over 20 years. When I last saw these people I was a weird combination of shyness, buck wildishness, and Schlitz Malt Liquorness. Now I'm a weird combination of Christian and crazy. It's great to know that if I have a problem and needed some friends to intercede in prayer on my behalf I've got two mediums that enable me to reach over 100 people (90 fb friends, plus blog family) in a matter of seconds. Even if I just want to vent a little. At the same time, if I need a laugh I can go to one of your blogs or FB updates and read about beds crashing through ceilings, sleeping under the bed with the dog, or shenanigans at the local barbershop. I consider it an escape, not a replacement.

Am I addicted to FB and blogger? Probably.

So, in the future just to be safe and sure, I'm going to try and ignore my laptop (conveniently located in the family room) and make a concerted effort to give individualized attention to each of my four children (Gladys knight and the li'l pips) and of course to my wife and counselor of 15 years Urenthia. BUT, when it's me time I'll be in the WORD ,blogging, or facebooking.

Guess my word for the moment should be balance.


God and family that's where your heart is...that's your balance.

Love Ya,
I LOVE THIS POST. I love the comment about Crazy Christian and Gladys Knight and the lil pips. What a beautiful team you all make. I especially love the comment about balance. Although I'm single, I'm not "lonely" Thanks to the LORD of course, I have FB and blogger friends and family without trying to go out into the crazy world of clubbing, blind dating, etc.... The kids only come by when they want $$$ and Max is my ACE (smile). The laptop can be addictive, but not when you have balance. We are all entitled to me time and I'm w/you... FB and blogging is fun, relaxing and comforting when done kept in "perspective" Something you're known for (smile)

The technology and electronics can and have been a blessing and a curse, but I wouldn't trade a moment of it because I've met some really great people and my life has enhanced 100% by going outside my comfort zone and allowing new relationships to blossom. You've all touched me in ways I could never put into words.

Love ya
Big sister!
msladydeborah said…
I have a FB and Twitter account. I don't consider them to be addictive but a great tool to help me connect with friends and family.

I do think that there are people who spend a lot of time Twittering and on FB. But if it is constructive and enjoyable-why not?
KIM said…
All you need is a Blackberry in the mix and you would be truly in trouble! I only blog, I gave up Twitter but my Blackberry is never less than a foot away! I have to schedule "Crackberry" Free time so I can give it a rest! Enjoy all the community sites! It is fun!
SLC said…
Hello ladies.
Thank prayer warrior (I saw your facebook page Stacye)

Free Spirit balance at times seems like a moving target, but I think I'm hitting the bulls eye. By the way, I Loved your post.

MsLadyDeborah, You know I appreciate your brown eyed POV.

Than you Kim. I now know what to get for fathers day. And you're right, it's a lot of fun.

Have a lovely weekend all.
Shaz said…
I know you already know this. Family (at home) is first. Take all the time that you need spending with them. We (blog family) will be here when you return....Balance.
Keith said…
I love this post..I'm trying to give more attention to other things now of days...I love facebook and how I've been able to re-connect with old friends and meet new people..I'm hopelessly addicted to blogger,but I've been
chilling out lately and taking the weekends off. I guess my magic word is balance also.
SLC said…
Shaz! Blogging got me an awesome chicken chili recipe that I prepared for the family.

Kevin you may be a big part of my addiction. Did I say Kevin?!?! Ooops I'm sorry Chess.

Wait a minute. Reality and fiction are getting intertwined. Guess that's why you're the maverick of all bloggers.
Mizrepresent said…
I believe wholeheartedly that your focus is is in the right place brother...keep up the good work!
Strongblkwmn said…
I agree with Mizrepresent. See you on facebook. LOL!
SLC said…
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SLC said…
Not sure how I did it, but my wife is now on facebook.
I can see us now, huddled in our robes in front of the fireplace. Her with her dell, and me with my toshiba chatting away on facebook. (LOL)
Lorrie said…
Well it might come to that. Love your blog and just joined. My husband and I are sometimes talking to each other IN THE SAME house on Fb. He on his iphone and me on the family room computer. Funny...there I am reminding him to lock up the house inbetween comments from his Kindergarten teacher and high school best friend.
Don said…
blogging can definitely become addictive, especially if u love to read and write and what not.

fam is where the heart lies @ the beginning, middle and end of the day, so u have the best of both worlds. like the company u keep w/ attorneymom and the others. all good peeps, my friend.