Mrs SLC. Sure About Her Call

I recently had the privilege of visiting my wife’s school. I went by there to catch her since I knew she would faint when I told her the repairs on her car would total $1,200. But a funny thing happened while standing in her classroom. Her 5th and 6th grade special education students were returning from the awards ceremony.
Now for the record I love kids especially our four, but I have no interests in dealing with somebody else’s children. Taking into consideration that her students are either Learning Disabled or Emotionally Disturbed gives me more reason to cling to my four and know more, but for some reason that was beyond me she can never wait to go back to work.
When they first began entering her class my wife was grieving over the money we would be putting out to repair her car, but when the first of many students came running to show her the award or certificate they had received for academic achievement, Urenthia’s (my wife – pronounced just like it looks) countenance changed. These were students she had disciplined (see the word disciple in there), students who lived with neither parent, or students accompanied by a parent who wanted to tell my wife thanks for not giving up on their child.
At that moment it was ever so clear to me that I could get a teaching job, so I could have summers off but I would be doing those kids a great disservice. I’m proud of the fact that many of her students have been transitioned to regular education classes and some of them have even made the honor roll. She knows this because they always come back to say thanks.
I couldn’t be effective in that area because it’s not my calling. So while I would like to have the holidays and the summers off with my wife and four kids, I better stay in my own lane where I have a positive effect on a variety of people (mostly adults) and an appreciative view of her.
Therefore, my brothers and sisters, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall
2 Peter 1:10


Keith said…
I have always said that they don't pay teachers enough...I've gone back to a number of my former teachers and thanked them for not giving up on me (Even when it appeared I had given up on myself.) And for words of encouragement. You never know how
much a kind word can do for a person sometimes..SO I applaud your wife and all teachers.
Keith said…
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Strongblkwmn said…
My daughter just began her second year of teaching. I give her so much credit. She's exhausted every day because she gives her pre-schoolers everything she has. She makes good money, but it's definitely not as much as she should be making. Teachers shape minds and are like second parents. They should be paid and valued a lot more than they are. I give the utmost respect to anyone who genuinely chooses to dedicate themselves to the education of our children.
It's funny, every now and again I feel like I supervise a bunch of big kids who I can't make take a nap. I'm with you, it's not my calling but I praise Mrs. SLC and her spirit for honoring those kids with a commitment that goes well beyond an 8 hour day!
Don said…
Such an enjoyable read. I can only imagine how much joy it gives your wife to not only have accepted her calling, but to see the positive effect which her blessing has upon others.

Perfect - the way her finger points upward w/ joy upon her face.
SLC said…
Thanks all for your comments.
Keith simple words have saved a lot of lives and brightened some futures.
Free Spirit you are so right about "beyond 8 hours".
Strongblkwmn has a Strongblkdaughter.
She got it honest.
Don that's a picture of my wife preaching (or teaching) at my home church in Paterson New Jersey. The Joy is contagious.
Have a blessed week all.
Stacye said…
What a joy it is to see that Mrs. SLC's hard work, patience and discipline(being the disciple that she is) has truly paid off. I too could not walk in her shoes...not enough patience! (smile) Congrats and continued blessings to all of our teachers...WE NEED YOU ALL!
Attorneymom said…
God bless your wife. Teaching is not an easy job. It must be your calling in order to benefit the students. Each teacher has the power to shape the destiny of their students and thus shape the world. This post was really inspirational. Thanks for sharing.
just like attorneymom said god bless your wife