Blogging Provided

Over the last several months the company I’ve been employed at for 10 years has been steadily laying people off. These layoffs included two of my Spiritual big sisters. They were always conveniently located when I needed a Word in the middle of the day. So when I recently found myself in a crappy mood, magnified by the knowledge that I too would soon be unemployed, I needed an outlet, and blogging provided.
Blogging provided what I needed when I wanted to get something off my chest in a way that wouldn’t hurt anybody. Blogging provided an outlet for me when I was given a new PERSPECTIVE on the election and wanted to share it with someone; anyone. Blogging provided when I wanted to share my frustrations which are intertwined with my passion.
But that’s not all.
When I wanted top see beyond the political shenanigans and see the Character issues (Thanks Attorney mom) ignored by others, blogging provided. When Don posted his response to a friend in despair over his (ex) girlfriends cheating, just at the time I needed a laugh, blogging provided. When I found a pink motorcycle (Stacye) that reflected God’s healing favor at its finest; blogging provided. When I needed someone to say, keep on giving Potent Praise even in (or especially in) your trying times, blogging provided. When I needed a Word to help me stay focused on what God has called me to do (free spirit butterfly) blogging provided.
I’m not sure I fully understood the impact blogging would have on me from the receiving standpoint. The diversity in the Body of Christ is awesomely displayed through blogging. We can give a word in season to someone that’s weary through blogging. We can change the Spiritual atmosphere in another time zone through blogging. We can even empathize with a hurting brother or sister through blogging.
A season of loss and change in my life has become a season of increase and giving because God has provided blogging and you.
Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
Proverbs 27:17
Have a blessed week y’all and thanks


Strongblkwmn said…
I am so glad I found your blog(Actually I think you came to mine first...i'm glad you did). I have a few favorites and yours is one. We all need to put things in PERSPECTIVE from time to time.

When I started blogging, I had no idea that it would be such a wonderful experience and that I would be able to exchange thoughts and ideas with so many wonderful people. I really appreciate everyone and blogging is now a permanent part of my life.
WOW, thanks and ditto!!!!!!!!!!! I overheard my boss say the word one day but I played as if I knew what it was... I immediately went to my computer and googled the word "blog" 3 easy steps and here we are. I was so excited because the response was so amazing, instead of posting, everybody kept e-mailing me at my address saying how something I said had helped them in some way. I was thinking it's God, not me. I was frustrated that I had two books that I wanted to publish but my real job kept pulling me away so the blogging helps me to keep doing what I love even if I don't get a paycheck for it. If my little circle only consisted of Stacye, SCL, Don, Strongblkwmn and Queen B. I wouldn't mind, because writing feeds my soul and it's in my blood. The best part about this entire experience is the fact that I have new friends that lift me up and add to the incredible happiness that I already possess.

Sorry I took up some extra space, but sometimes I can't stop pounding the keys.... SLC I truly pray that you are not let go and I hate to sound like a broken record but if so, that means that God has something else planned for you and your time and experience there is up. Hopefully you'll move somewhere near the city where I serve and protect! (smile)
Don said…
You speak the truth and nothing but the truth. When I began blogging back in Sept. 07, I had no earthly idea what blogging was, nor its purpose. I began a poetry blog because I enjoyed writing poetry and releasing some things from within my system.

That blog eventually led to visitors, which led to me clicking unto their pages, which led to me beginning my own social blog, which led to me becoming inspired and somewhat healed in ways that I could have never imagined.

It's funny, but during those days where I will think about quitting my job and moving on @ another place of employment I always have to keep one thing in mind - will I be able to blog? LOL.

Thanks for the shout, SLC. I appreciate you for ever taking the time to stop by and read my rantings. Hopefully, more times than not, my post will inspire you and other and vice versa, in much-needed ways.
SLC said…
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SLC said…
Don that's funny. Will I be able to blog? If my company starts blocking this site, I'm going to appLy at Walmart.
Strongblkwmn Your 1st 48 blog is the inspiration for my next post.
Free Spirit I stop by your site daily (all of you really). I wish I could wax poetic like you and Don. If you don't see a response, it's because you've left me speechless. The dance.....priceless.

Thanks all for the nourishment
Stacye said…
SLC...May God continue to bless you in every way! Thank you for the acknowledgement in your post. I too like many others, didn't know what blogging was all about. I received an email for freespiritbutterfly and like others here I am. You, Don, strongblkwmn, freespirtitbutterfly are the blogs I MUST read daily. I believe nothing happens by accident and blogging has brought all of us together for reasons beyond our understanding, but I'm standing firm in my understanding of this one thing and that is that we need each other for strength and I thank God for you all because it's from the words that God gives to each of us that strengthens!

Peace, Love and continued Blessings!
Don said…
@ slc: love the sense of humor @ apply at walmart.
SLC~ I love your spirit and your blog. There is nothing more beautiful than I man who loves the Lord and isn't afraid to say so. Your are a beacon of light. So glad I you are here.
OK, OK, I'm getting teary eyed. But then, I heard crying burns calories (keep it coming) smile.

Love, peace & blessings for a great day and I'm with Don, if I can't blog, I don't won't the job!