A Dream

A few weeks ago, I had a dream about this house.

I know it’s not much to  look at, but on more than one occasion this house provided a nights rest for me, my sister, 7 male cousins, 2 female cousins, 2 sets of aunts and uncles, my mother, and the matriarch of our family; grandma. In my dream some of us were sitting round trying to decide what to do with the house and how to do it. That’s all I remember about the dream. I don’t remember the opinions, or the options that were discussed, just the topic of what to do with the house.

On Saturday morning at 5:30am, I heard my wife on the phone. I woke up. She hung up, took a deep breath and said, “Your grandmother just passed”. I then remembered my dream. While I am definitely in a melLOW mood, I have peace. I knew when I had the dream that it was a sign that I should be prepared for the inevitable. She was not particularly ill and had no specific disease to speak of. She was like Enoch, who walked with God until “he was not; for God took him”.

When I saw her last summer, she had lost my cheeks. Yes they were MY rosy cheeks. I was blessed to see her again in North Carolina for Thanksgiving dinner and I was so happy to see that MY cheeks had regained their fullness. During her last week she lived a full life and passed a message on through my mother; Vote. My grandma took the opportunity to vote early; not knowing (I think) that she would not survive to see the results. She remembered a day when she could not vote, and a time when poll taxes made it prohibitively difficult to vote, so she made sure she voted and that her children, grands, and great grands did likewise. So yesterday, in honor of my grandma, and in spite of the disheartening choices here in Virginia I voted.

Tomorrow we leave for Mobile, Alabama where I’ll cry a little, but not more than I’ll rejoice, then we’ll resume the discussion about the house.

Miss y’all, Love y’all

 MARY DAVIS-JONES @ Age 82 in this photo


25champ said…
I love the attitude. Sorry 4 ur lost, but I'm glad u r n good spirits. Hope u hav a safe trip :)
SLC said…
Thanks Champ. I guess she left me some strength.


Moanerplicity said…
You know what? After reading this entry, I think you will be just fine. Sadder, but just fine. Feeling the loss of a dear heart, and a well-loved "rosy" face, but you will be fine. She GAVE you that settled sense of fineness. Her love, her presense in your life allowed you and your family that anchor, based upon faith.

God Rest Her Soul... now that she resides in a far better place.

Meanwhile, you will be fine. I can promise you that, my Brotha.


SLC said…
Thank for the Wisdom Moan.
For the life of me I can't figure out why that character felt the need to pull out his god kit on you. lol.
Maybe if he stopped judging and started listening, he would see that the first step in being spiritual, is being real.

Thanks again,
My condolences. I will be keeping your entire family in prayer. May God bless.
Mizrepresent said…
My condolences to you and your family...oh grandmothers are to be cherished forever. Wishing you a safe journey and prayers my brother.
CurvyGurl ♥ said…
May her rich legacy be of comfort to you and your family, SLC.
Daij said…
My condolences. I love her attitude towards voting. She was voting for the future of those she loved, and for those who before her, could not vote. What a really nice touching blog entry. She sounds like she was a wonderful human being. May God bless you and all your loved ones and give you strength during this time.
Hey there my brother. One of the most beautiful words in Poetry, "grandma."

I remember once long ago, I contemplated suicide and then in an instant, my grandmother's spirit in Heaven reminded me that we would not meet again if I proceeded with my plans.

Here I am today ;-)

Your response to her passing warms my heart. You do indeed know the Creator of this Universe.

Love, peaace and prayers for your journey and safe return.

Your sis,
Anonymous said…
Blessings SLC! I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandmom.

Though she's in another place your memories of her remain in your heart and mind, and she will speak to you from time to time through your memories.

You know you'll be OK.
Anna Renee
SLC said…

I love y'all.

Thanks for the prayers.

All Is Well

Strongblkwmn said…
I haven't been around lately and i'm sorry my condolences are so late. God bless.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Man, I don't know how I missed this post. I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. It's been one of those years, but God is faithful and he brings us through it all when we cast our cares on him.
LisaShaw said…
Hello SLC,

Thank you for your comment on my blog earlier today and for your prayers. In your message you indicated some pain and tears you have shed as of late; I wanted to come over and tell you that I pray the LORD's continued comfort for you.

Just as I had to release the hand of my Grandma (1990) and Grandpa (2007) to the LORD; I see you have had to do the same. Your Grandmother is/was beautiful. Again, may God's comfort be with you.

God bless you.