My wife works at an inner city school teaching special education 6th graders. She loves what she does, is good at it, and is definitely walking in her calling. The one drawback is the occasional student that threatens to kick her bitch ass. My wife usually keeps her cool, politely inviting them to do what they think they can do. So far none of them have accepted her invitation. At 5’ 2” she’s gained a little weight in the last 16 years so she’s around 120 pounds, but she thinks she’s 6’ 2” and 240 pounds. For this reason whenever she calls in the middle of the day, I’m ready to hop in my SUV and make my presence known. I also have a couple of people on standby in case I need to bring a small army with me.
Last week she gave me one of those rare middle of the day calls, so I grabbed my keys and stood up while answering my cell phone all for nothing. There was no need for me to go up to the school and whip a child like their pappy and mammy doesn’t. All she wanted to tell me was that she was voted Teacher Of the Year (TOY) for Henderson Middle School.
This is my toy with the LAST of her four children. I promise you, he is the last one.

That’s what happens when a person abides in their calling.
It’s time for me to do likewise.


Rich Fitzgerald said…
That is too cool! Give my congratulations to Mrs. SLC.

When you get a chance, swing back through my spot. I threw some pics up of "My Man Miles."

Be blessed brother.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
By the way, I'm not sure if you all get the Steve Harvey Morning Show, but they just might be accepting nominations still for Best Teacher for the Annual Hoody Awards Show that's held in Vegas. You may want to nominate your wife. I think the website is simply - you will see a link for the Hoody Awards.
Joanna said…
That is a wonderful thing. And seeing your wife and child together and so happy... that is a thing of beauty!
Moanerplicity said…
Without even knowing her, I can say, I deeply admire your wife, because good teachers, strong role models, and FEARLESS women are very much needed on this planet. You married WELL, my brotha!

Mad Congrats to her on winning such a wonderful award!!! No doubt, it's going to someone who deeply deserves it!

BTW: keep that bat handy! just in case.



Solomon said…
Congrats to her. What an accomplishment!

Looks like you have yourself a wonderful family. Are you sure he is the last one? *lol*

You are blessed my brother, and your family is blessed to have you also!!!
what an awesome thing! GOD certainly has a plan and hers is all coming together according to His will. give her a BIG hug from me and hug the kids while you're at it.
as for the little bad a--es, give her my cell and tell him, i'll gladly lock'em up for threats and or assault in a heart beat. put me on the list for back up. you know i'll put the siren on my charger and will probably beat you there :-)
as for your calling, I can say with certainty that you and stacye taught me a lot about MY Savior way before I staryed spending personal time with Him & i'm quite sure that i'm not the only one that feels that way. lastly, as for being the "last" one, you know that you and the mrs. ain't got "nothing" to do w/the last one. if & when the Lord blesses you with another one, just make me the god mommy. love and peace!!!!
SLC said…
Hey Rich. Thanks for the info. Great pics also.

Joanna, welcome. Love your most recent post. Still mentally munching on it before I post a reply lol. Again welcome.

MOAN! I keep an extra crow bar.

Solomon, we'll have number 5 when you have number........nah forget that.

Big yet younger looking sister Free Spirit Butterfly. I love you sis, so you can be the God Momma to any combination of the current four. You are always a blessing.
Mizrepresent said…
Congratulations to your wife! I am sure it is deserving! Love the pics too!
Don said…
Congratulations to your wife on her nomination and award.

I also have a couple of people on standby in case I need to bring a small army with me.

Love the sense of humor.
Anonymous said…
Aww this is sweet. I really enjoyed reading this post and (even though I'm kind of late) congrats to your wife, that's a huge honor.