An associate of mine just shared some private information with me, which means I probably should not be sharing it with you, but since you don’t know them I’m going to share it anyway. They have been trying unsuccessfully to conceive a child throughout their 10 years of marriage. Due to their lack of success they are looking for an opportunity to adopt. They are a beautiful and responsible pair and I will be praying that she conceives or they find themselves as parent through adoption soon.

I told my associate that I would be praying for them because they are a good pair, as opposed to the pairs I see on a regular basis that are doing no more than contributing to the delinquency of minors and siphoning tax money for their kids Jordans as they WIC and food stamp their way through life. Poppin’ out babies, future pimps, hos, and wanna be rap stars.

After leaving this conversation I was reminded of something Bradley Lockhart said about his relationship with Shaniya Davis’ mother. He stated that the relationship was really a “one night stand”. One night, he hit it raw and months later his child was born to a relative stranger who would go on to prove that death reigns in living bodies as she sold her own child to people as sick as herself.

Situations like this cause people to support pro-choice, gay unions with adoption rights, and amnesty programs allowing mothers to leave their babies at hospitals without fear of prosecution, when they decide they don’t want the baby any longer. In this post I’m not stating my stance on any of those issues, but the issue of irresponsible procreation. Creating babies, dressing the babies like midget thugs and tramps, parading the babies through the malls and the skreets, but not raising the babies to be more responsible than them.

Most of my single, buck wild, hittin’ it raw, friends use some other form of contraception so the worst thing that can happen to them is a lil gonorrhea, syphilis, or AIDS, but to the rest of them and to any one you may know that enjoy a little bareback once in a while, consider the options available to you before creating a living soul you have no intentions of giving a life. Use Tiger like diligence to leave no cubs behind. And if you do, consider adoption. It’s a Go(o)d plan.


i believe in adoption. children are not a mistake, they are little presents from GOD. he knew which women would not be able to bare children and set some special ones aside for the families like the one you've mentioned here.

i can't believe that after all that's happened and continuing to happen in today's society that people are still having casual sex.

some people ponder more on insignificant issues as oppose to who they going to sleep with, how well they know the person and should they discuss protection.

sad to say that some women still don't know that they truly hold the power and that their bodies are truly God's temple. i can honestly say that i didn't know it at 18, but i'm fully aware know and if i see a lost girl, i sure make it my business to mentor and guide her. each one, teach one!

Love and peace little brother.
your friends will be on my prayer list tonight. keep me posted on the arrival of their new addition.

Free Spirit
Mizrepresent said…
Great post brother...and like FSB said above, not one child born into this world is a mistake. Wishing your friends the best, and the joy that a little can bring into this world. Glad u r back, but i really enjoyed the archives while you were away.
SLC said…
Free Spirit,

Mentors are greatly needed in our society along with people willing to help the elderly. I have a lovely friend that does both.

I'll be sure to keep you posted.
SLC said…

You know I spend a great deal of time perusing your archives as well. Very diverse, and always real.

Thanks for not abandoning my lil spot while I was cocooned.

Be Blessed,
Sheliza said…
Wow, this was truly a raw post (no pun intended). I agree with you though. I'll be stopping by again to check you out.
Strongblkwmn said…
Great post! I know a few people whose children were born at a disadvantage because they are their parents. It breaks my heart. I became a mother at a very early age and knew the responsibility. It's so sad that that maternal/paternal instinct is not automatic for everyone.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Great post. You hit on many of my personal feelings. I see soooo many people who should have their reproductive organs removed, because they are horrible with kids. Adoption would be a better plan for many of them, but then more "good" people would have to step up instead of complaining about the abundance of kids in the system.
Don said…
this was a great read SLC.

i wish the best of luck to your associate and others who are looking to provide a home and better life for children who, as you stated, might end up going through the motions that so many of us do.

the shaniya davis situation still bothers me.
Awesome Blog. I agree. We shouldn't take sexual activity lightly. Think before you act. That's one thing I've learned after a "scare" in my teenage years. SOme peple just don't care about the consequences. If you bring new life into this world whether you intended to or not take responsibility. We have too many unprepared and unfit parents due to the pleasure of sex.
Traci Lavette said…
I wish someone could have saved Shaniya. That situation is a sick reminder of those having babies with nothing on their minds, irresponsibility, and broken souls. No one thinks of the long term when they are "doing what they do", it's in the moment and then the baby - or society suffers for it.

My cousin is having a baby in January. She is 20 years old, dropped out of school at 15, and the child's father is a 40 year-old wanna be rapper. What can they teach this child? Nothing. She is already talking about how her baby "gotta be fitted with the nicest clothes...don't want any hand me downs that other people already saw your baby in". Ignorant!

I wish your friends all the luck with the adoption process - if it comes to that, because they could be saving a child that needs exactly what they have to give.
SLC said…
Sheliza thanks for stopping through. And no the terrible two's don't last. They become the treacherous 3's and the fearless 4's (lol).

Hey Strongblkwmn. Knowing how you stuck it out and how that baby you had is now grown and teaching kids in NY is an awesome inspiration.

Rich great points. Even with four kids, adoption is something that still crosses our paths. Like you said , good people have to step up.

Don, I thought about this story and post for days. Sex organs don't think they just respond to stimuli. Like Rich implied, that momma don't deserve to have a womb.

Hershey I think I'm familiar with that scare. (a few times). Thank God I finally matured.

Traci Lavette,
Is your cousin named ______? No wait, that's my cousin with the baby boy. My cousin dresses the baby and shows him off, but when he gets hungry he looks to grandma.
Hopefully your cousin will get a reality check.

Love all y'all
Traci Lavette said…
@ SLC,

LOL! I hope she gets the reality check she needs before the baby comes, but somehow I just don't see that happening...
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers,
Daij said…
Very profound words. I enjoyed it and took it to heart because I was adopted when I was 11 months old. The woman who brought me into this world didn't want me, and another woman (my mother) did.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers,
Myriam said…
A very telling post and it always amazes me when you see little children not being loved or cared for by their own parents. Such is the world we live in unfortunately.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.

Have a blessed weekend!