Celebrate Life With Me

On August 6, 1994 I tried to sleep the whole day away. I had been married 6 months and 1 day, and one of my wife's few gripes was that I would never sleep late on Saturdays. She could snore until almost noon, but I would always wake up at 7 and twittle my thumbs until 8. But, this Saturday was different. It was my birthday and I wanted to sleep through it.

Over the course of my life I had become accustomed to the awkward coincidence that my grandfather passed away a few years before I was born. I believe the date was August 6, 1962. Yep. What a coincidence. I of course never met him, but from what I hear any strengths I possess including any ministerial aspirations came from him; a well respected minister and pillar in the community and the church. But back to 1994; the day I tried to sleep away, because of August 6, 1993.

The previous summer, I celebrated my birthday by getting treated to lunch. I also remember my co-workers father having a mild heart attack that day and there was a tornado that hit central Virginia, but circled around the city of Richmond. That night I went to church and afterwards a local gospel DJ treated my fiancé and me to dinner at an upscale restaurant. We talked about our upcoming wedding in February and other stuff. I was looking forward to having both of my parents there on my special day. I had finally matured enough to possibly pursue a relationship with the man I was named after, in spite of years of him not really being a father to my sister or I.

When I got back to my apartment after dinner I had messages from my mother and others telling me to call home to New Jersey. I immediately got pissed because I knew something was wrong. I called one of the people who left me a message and said "What?" they just said call you mom. So I did. I woke her up out of an unsound sleep. She told me SLC senior had a heart attack and they rushed him to the hospital. I said, "Yeah, how is he". She said, "he died", as if I knew already. I said ok I'll put my suit in the cleaners and wait for you to drive through Virginia on your way to Alabama for the funeral. And that was that so I thought. Later that day I had a severe meltdown. It really surprised me.

When I arrived in Alabama, I really only wanted to see one thing; the obituary. It confirmed my fear; he died on my birthday. So needless to say the next birthday was one I wanted to skip. When I finally woke up on the anniversary of his death/ my birthday, my wife gently suggested we go out to breakfast; my favorite meal, and later that day we went to see my mother-in-law. She had purchased me a new pair of jeans, a card and a cake. They really helped me that day by gently helping me celebrate life.

Every year since then I've gone all out to celebrate my birthday. The coincidences creep into my thoughts but I've decided to live life responsibly to the fullest just like my grandfather, and avoid the traps that sent my father to an early grave.

So be sure to post a comment with your jubilant birthday wishes, and know that although I'm not registered anywhere, you can send gifts whenever you like. Let me know and I'll send you my address through your profile or through facebook. Shoe size 10 œ. Shirt 16 œ 34. Pants 34/34 (and hopefully shrinking to 32/34). Music Jazz, Gospel, Old Skool, Neo.

Thanks for stopping by and of course I'm only (not) joking about the gifts.


Stacye said…
Happy Birthday to my brother! Of course you will be receiving something from me.

Celebrate this day to the fullest!

msladydeborah said…
Happy Birthday to you!

May you be blessed with love, peace and light. And may you also receive an abundance of joy.

One more thing, even though you see your loved ones death as a negative in your life. I see it as a positive. To me, your grandfather's passing was actually is his birthday too. He was blessed with the gift of everlasting life.
SLC said…
Hi Stacye.
As my Spiritual Sister I always receive something from you. Thanks for being a blessing.

How can I put this.....
I love and appreciate the sharing of your brown eyed view. Awesome sis.
Send me your address! I need to add it to my address book for the upcoming Holidays! send it to aluv4poetry@yahoo.com!

I remember this birthday post or something similar when you first started blogging. It was when we first met. It touched me so, that I had to print it and save it. I still have it in my HAPPY BOX at home because it was something about it, that told me that we were going to become friends. How wrong was I? We are FAMILY!

Love and hugs!
PS - You are doing a great job as a Husband, father and most importantly; A Man! It is apparent in the smiles of your loved ones and the ways that the Lord is using you!

Your sister in Christ!
Free Spirit Butterfly
Wish I'd logged in earlier this week then I would'nt be sending a Belated Happy Birthday! I Just love reading your blogs, so insightful.
Strongblkwmn said…
Happy belated (blog) birthday. I wished you a happy birthday on facebook. I hope you had a great birthday and wish you many more.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Happy Birthday brother. I guess I'll put together a new mix in your honor (don't tell nobody, but i was already working on it :)
SLC said…
Thanks Rich!
Can you send me your mailing address via my profile email? I lost the CD package that had it on there.