Repair or Replace

My sister's HP laptop is on the blink. There's power, but there is no display. She asked me if I thought she would need to buy a new one. My response was I hope not since it's such a hassle trying to retrieve all of your important information off the old hard drive. So it becomes a question of repairing what you have, or starting from scratch with a new one. I personally know a lot of people who have always opted to replace without giving it a second thought; that is until something goes wrong with the replacement that makes them long for the replaced. The more I've though about this, the more I realize I'm know longer thinking about, laptops, computers, TV's, or cars, but people and relationships. I mean maybe nothing was wrong with what was replaced. Maybe it was operator error. I know people who long to go back, not to the one that got away but to the one they threw away. I guess sometimes hindsight really is.....
Love y'all


I know someone who'd love to have me back, but since I grew wings, he can't catch me (LOL)

Think really long and hard, sit quietly with yourself/herself and the answere will come (smile)

I had mine repaired. You know I lost a lot of photos but I have the memeories in my heart!

LOVE ya.
PS Don't tell anybody I stopped by, I'm supposed to be working but I have a "crime block" Never a writer's block (LOL)
There are a couple of people who would love to have me back as well, and like Free Spirit, we're on different paths of life and they don't intersect!

My HP isn't working and it's the same problem as your sisters and I know that I have to repair it because my book is on it.:(

Love you as well,
msladydeborah said…
If the laptop can be repaired at a reasonable price-that would be my first choice. If the repair is going to be more than the unit is worth-then I would consider an new one.

It is difficult to know which path is the right one-until you decide to move way or the other. That will determine what the right move is.
Mizrepresent said…
I don't know what is happening with Blogger but i have left at least two comments that didn't take...i am hoping that this one does. Great post, first of all... an i say, there comees a time when we have to let what doesn't work for us...go...some things and people have to walk out our lives for us to grow. I cherish memories and people, but i trust in God overall.
SLC said…
Well Miz since you brought it up (kind of), blogger can be really annoying at times. I don't want to replace it because all my blogging loved ones are here and it's where I started but time will tell.
SLC said…
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SLC said…
And speaking of time, these are some of my favorite lyrics ever. I think if them often because of the relationships I encounter.

Because time won't give me time
And time makes lovers feel Like they've got something real But you and me we know They've got nothing but time And time won't give me time.
Gotta know when the time is up.
Solomon said…
I would say what everyone else has basically said. (1) How much will it cost to repair vs replace, (2) What is on the old one, how important is the information to you. (3) If like you say, you have power, but no screen, I'm assuming the hard drive is still spinning and you are having monitor pronlems. If that is the case, you could have the hard drive installed in a new computer, or the other option is having a company that specializes in retreival of info from damaged computers onto a new computer if the old one isn't worth fixing. I'm not quite sure about the cost, but I know that there are companies out there that can even retreive information from a hard drive that has crashed. You won't get any data from any part of the hard disk that is severly damaged, but for the most part they can recover most of what was there.

As for the relationships, sometimes letting go is easy, and sometimes it is almost impossible. Obviously it's the ones that are the hardest to let go of that stir our emotions the most. Sometimes both good and bad.
LisaShaw said…
Good message SLC.

For me I had nothing (not appropriate English but fitting for my point) to look back on. My blessings were before me and so there was no one that I long to go back to. Thank you Lord! My choices back then before my HUSBAND who is my BLESSING; were horrible choices so my head and heart never turn back.

However I do understand your point. I know women who threw away good husbands for what and who they thought were better just to find out...

We've ministered to men who have done the same thing as well and are praying now for God to bring reconciliation to their divorced marriages.

Not everyone fits into this category obviously but some do.

Blessings and peace.
Strongblkwmn said…
This is such a coincidence (or is it). I've been married for 20 years and with my husband for 25. I ran into my first boyfriend, who wasn't all that nice to me, the other day. All he could talk about was how he messed up and still thinks about me and wonders how our life would have been if we would have stayed together. That blew me away because I was 14 and 15 when we "dated." It was nice to know that I left such a strong impression.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Interesting that you bring up this topic. I just heard a message about not allowing relationships/things becoming a crutch in your life.

A lot of times there is nothing wrong with what you have, sometimes its just time to move on because there is something better waiting for you.

For instance - I have cassettes that work just fine, but I sure do love my ipod. No more popped tape to contend with.
MoMo said…
Man truer words probably have never been spoken. I myself sometimes reminisce about what might have been. But I think that's everyone's favortie bone in the body. the wishbone......
Don said…

Made me sit here and think about the meaning of my having no problem buying a new computer (three times) yet still I tend to remove the older hard drives and keep them in a safe place. Don't really know why I do this, either.