Have a Great Weekend

I long for weekends

My job is not my calling

It's time for a change

From Not A Poet


I want to be you. My weekend starts on Friday morning and ends on Friday night. I work 6 days a week, but GOD is good because the unemployment line is off 7 days straight.

Love ya.
Have a f a n t a s t i c weekend Homer, I mean Sam (LOL)

Love your Poem about Stacye. Love both your blogs and the way you keep me guessing and interested on all the updates. Prayer list, daily verses, quote of the day, etc...
SLC said…
Hey!!! It's my Waldorf sister. Although it may be short I pray your weekend is blessed and peaceful.

See ya on FB

Strongblkwmn said…
The weekend gives me something to look forward to while I work the job that is not my calling.
Solomon said…
At least most of us get a weekend... and in this economy, just feel blessed to have a job.

Personally, I haven't found that job yet, the one that I actually like getting up in the morning for. Mostly I've been stuck in jobs I hated that paid me just enough to get by. But having a job and getting by is MUCH better than the alternative, wouldn't you say.

No income at all

I used to look at the negative to my situation all the time, and today even if things aren't going so great, I still try and look at the positive.

Have a job (don't like it, but I still have it)
Have a place to call home
I have food to eat every day
I have family and friends that love me
I know God is always watching over me, and that I will be OK, even if it doesn't always seem like it.
Mizrepresent said…
Me too, and i am so glad the weekend comes every 4-5 days...i mean, what would i do without them!