Victory On The Coat Rack. I Mean Treadmill

Two weeks ago I paid a visit to the Dr. to take care of some respiratory issues; namely asthma which had returned with a vengeance after taking a winter break. I spent the rest of that week trying to catch up on the rest I had lost during the more severe times which were mostly at night. By the beginning of the next week I was feeling better but decided to try to help my cause by changing my diet and exercising. This was also influenced by the Fat Smash Diet, which Attorney Mom invited fellow facebookers and bloggers to participate on.

Well Monday night I felt pretty good and even spent some time on that thing in the playroom that collects dust and holds clothes. I had my mp3 player tuned to the music of my high school days, so I had Luther saying "Never Too Much", Patty saying "If Only You Knew", and of course Frankie saying "Before I let Go". But Tuesday something was wrong with me. I was more tired than I thought I should have been and my mood had changed to depressed and grumpy. These moods in the past have usually preceded an asthma flair-up. But I can be stubborn and I was determined to get on that thing again.

Like the previous evening I set my player to the R&B genre, but after 5 minutes things just weren't working out, but I was still stubborn and refused to get off. I made once change however and that was switching to the Christian Genre. Slowly but surely I got stronger and stronger. Starting with Israel and New Breed singing, "No limits. No boundaries. I see increase all around me." Then they sang "Take the Limits Off", and that's how I was feeling about asthma, Lord take that limit off of me. And he did. Then I was reminded by Fred Hammond and RFC that "No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper."
After 30 minutes I cooled off to a song that said, "What an honor and a privilege to be in the presence of a King", and indeed that's where I was. The playroom had become my personal sanctuary and the treadmill was changed to an altar. I felt like the Praise and Worship allowed me to have an out of body experience, which did more for my inner being than the treadmill did for my body. I'm glad to say that by the end of the week I was easily going 30 minutes on the treadmill, played a little basketball in 90 degree weather, and I've shed a few pounds.

I hope to be a little more active blogging and facebooking in the next few days 'cause I miss y'all, but If you don't hear from me keep me in prayer as I keep things in perspective.

PS. Free Spirit this is my freckle picture mentioned in an earlier post.


Bless the Lord Oh MY Soul. I'm glad all is well. be Blessed
What freckles, all I see are beautiful eyes that seem to say, "God is LOVE." I see a man who may not blog as often as he'd like to, who may not always have good days and who is crazy enough to shoot hoops in 90 degreeeee sunshine, but LOVES HIS Family and LOVES the Lord!

Love for a great day and unexpected surprises (ie your new sanctuary)
The fluttering butterfly (smile)
Strongblkwmn said…
Love the picture!

I always get happy when I see that you have posted something new. I too have had that battle with the treadmill. I've actually come to love it. Glad the Lord's words got you through the rough patch, like they always do.
Shaz said…
Hmmm sounds like were on the same weight loss journey. I hate the treadmill and exercise in general. LOL!!! Luckily Jeff has decided to join me at the gym and maybe keep me accountable.(smile)

I’ve heard good things about the Fat Smash Diet, might have to try it. GL on your journey.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Glad to see brothers out here repping strong for the Lord.
Stacye said…
Like so many others will conquer this as well. I have some freckles but not many and not as many as my mother.

Keep pressing towards that mark! :)

Love you much,

P.S. Please give your wife a hug for me. God is doing something in your wife that will be reveiled SOON! Wow, I feel excitment!
Mizrepresent said…
That's wonderful! I love listening to gospel when i'm working empowers me and keeps me going. Do your thing and be well my friend.
Keith said…
I like your style of music..both secular and spiritual...I have a workout bike in my basement that doubles as a coatrack too!-lololol.
You have inspired me to get on it and begin exercising.

I have drastically changed my diet.
For breakfast, I drink a quart of water and eat assorted fruits (Cantaloupe,Honey Dew,Water melon,
grapes and banannas.) For lunch,I drink another quart of water and I have a salad. (I cheat on Fridays..
I have my smoked Turkey wings,Greens and Candied yams).

I have already begun to lose some weight..but I need to exercise..I'm going down in my basement and take the coats off of
my bike..(After I finish writing tonights installment of "Escapades")
wink wink.
SLC said…
Hello all.
I'm glad to say that Attorney Mom and I are still friends. After the first day of diet detox I thought I would have to cut her off.

Big Sister Free you're right, I don't post nearly as much as I'd like, but I try to check up on my blog family on the regular.

Rich, I look forward to working out to one of your mixes.

What up Tammy. Trying to stay STRONG.

Stacye thanks for the RHEMA WORD.

Miz. You represent so well.

Keith one of my four kids injured my stationary bike but I hope to get it repaired soon. Good luck with that and head on over to Rich's House to check out this awesome mix he posted.

Solomon Hershey thanks for the countenance sharpening (iron sharpens iron)
much2ponder said…
This was good news. I guess the Lord knew what you needed eh? I pray the healing touch of his spirit continue to do a work in your physical body, namely your lungs. I am reminded by this post how much a change in a positive direction can change my perspective and it is a choice it seems. Blessings to you.
Shaz said…
I’m just checking on you. I hope all is well and you did not let the coat rack…I mean treadmill stop you from working towards your goals. (smile)