Fifteen Years - And Counting

I'd like to start of by thanking Shelley. Shelley, my ex, called me at work in 1988 and asked me if I wanted to go with her co-worker and her boyfriend to Virginia Beach. I said ok, and we rode two hours in a 1976 Celica GT with Urenthia and Aubrey to the beach. We parked on the side of a Days Inn and went walking on the beach and boardwalk. We also went to McDonald's. Conversation flowed easily. Especially between Urenthia and I but I thought nothing of it. Later that year, everybody broke up with everybody else.

I grew up during the next three years and somehow ended up at Jerusalem Holy Church (Now New Jerusalem ICM). Urenthia had been there for a couple of years already. If Shelley had not introduced us three years earlier, my shyness would have hindered me from striking up a friendly conversation. This conversation led to some trips to Denny's and more conversations about God, His Word, our upbringing in broken and blended families, and other subjects including our desire to make our marriage work. Not OUR marriage, but her marriage when she got married and my marriage when I got married to whomever we might get married to.
Well as God (not luck) would have it she was the one, and today is our 15th wedding anniversary.

FEBRUARY 5, 1994


Congratulations! Congratulations! I so admired people who hold true to the commitment that they made to "GOD", the one that you make to one another is sacred too, but if you are still married, I now believe that it's because you know that GOD hates divorce. There are rare occassions where "you just have to get out" but selfishness is not one of them.

You two look so young and happy. The most amazing thing about the whole story is that GOD had it all planned way before the trip to VA Beach. You fit well and if she's been reading your thoughts througout your blog journey, then she knows what a treasure she has in you. And with her holding down the family and raising the children, you know the treasure you have in her.

So looking forward to the book that you and SBW are going to cowrite on how to have a successful marriage because the "next" time, I'm going to get it right.

Love, peace and blessings and enjoy this time with your Queen!
ZACK said…
Congratulations my brother!

I hope that I didn't offend you by my marriage post. It works for some, and for others- it's not God's will.

You have a great family and a sense of purpose that helps all of us to see God at work in your life.

I pray that THIS DAY is one of reflection, thanksgiving, and celebration. Much love to you and yours, good sir!
Keith said…
Congradulations Good Brother!
May you and the missus have many
many more. June 3rd will make 19
years for me and my wife.
Shaz said…
Beautiful!!!! Fourteen and counting…I'm looking forward to the day I can say the same. Wishing you and your lovely wife many many more. Congratulations to you both!!
SLC said…
Thanks all.
Free Spirit you'll be contributing to that book. I believe Zack will write the forward and the dramatic educational series that accompanies it will be written by Keith of Escapades fame. Shaz will star in the film version. After all, according to her most recent post, She believes in love.
Have a blessed weekend all.
Stacye said…
Congrats on 15 years...THANK YOU LORD! I pray for many, many more to come. Treasure her..."when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing!"
Strongblkwmn said…
Congratulations! I must say I love the high top fade. LOL! Seriously, doesn't it feel great to be in love for so long? We all know it's never perfect and it's a lot of work but it sure is worth it all. I wish you many, many, many more years with the one you love.
LisaShaw said…

Congratulations to you and your wife during this special time of celebration. Marriage is a beautiful covenant one which my husband and I have enjoyed for many many years by God's grace. May you enjoy MANY more years together healthy, loving, forgiving, humble, sharing, giving, laughing and loving in the presence of the LORD.

God bless you.
Hoping the you and the Mrs. had a great weekend together. I do believe that Valentine's Day is overrated and made especially for those who have a hard time expressing their love throughout the year. We all know that's not your case. Continued blessings for a happy marriage and a happy life.

Your sister-n-Christ.
The butterfly