My Job Has Been Saved! So Why Aint I Jumping?

I found out a couple of weeks ago that my job will not be moving to Great Valley Pennsylvania. Instead my position will be merged into another department here. When I got the news I was stunned. In my discussions with the two VP’s in our division I sensed that they were expecting me to do back flips in excitement over the news, and maybe they were a little surprised and disappointed in my calm reaction to the good news. After a couple of days of allowing the news to sink in I began to feel little weird and couldn’t figure out why, but now I think I know what my problem is.

I dove head first into the swimming pool of the future and although this pool was filled with unanswered questions, this pool was fresh, exciting, exhilarating, passion filled, elevating, anointed, interesting, unfamiliar………………you know, everything my current job is not. I began to feel guilty because I know that it’s the favor of God that afforded me this opportunity, but I can’t help but think about what it would have felt like to sell our home here in Virginia and move to Georgia or Massachusetts. I even entertained the thought of moving a couple of hours north. Maybe I could have found a chaplain position with a police department. Instead I get to continue doing a job that has had all of the challenging aspects of it stripped away and shipped to other states and soon to other countries.

Fortunately I'm able to find comfort in three places. Third is in my life long desire to be every bit the man my father wasn’t by continually providing everything my family needs, Spiritually, physically, and Financially. The security afforded me in this position enables me to do that. Second is the opportunity to be a light to new crew of souls. My first source of comfort comes from a scripture I found some years ago that encourages me to use where I am to get where I want to be.

Art thou called being a servant? care not for it: but if thou mayest be made free, use it rather.

1 Corinthians 7:21 KJV


Shanita Waters said…
Hello... I haven't heard from you in a while. I was wondering where you were. I'm glad to hear that all is well with you and your family.

I understand how you felt being excited about the unknown in moving to a new town and position. That's a blessing. A lot of us would have been afraid to go to a new place and do new things but you trusted the Lord and also had new souls in mind. I think that's a good thing. Perhaps it was a test from the Lord and you passed it....

God knows what's best for us. I'm happy that your position wasn't elimated and that you are able to see the bright side of things and continue on with the current assignment He has for you where you are now.

SLC said…
Thanks for the Wisdom Shanita.
I think celebrating was also made difficult because the majority of our division will still be getting let go early next year. But that's God's favor and I'm more than grateful to Him.

Thanks again.
It seems that you share the same entusiasum for your job as do I and STB (Smile) No it's not our passion, but it does provide for the family. I just have to hold tight to the unknown plans that he has for my life. I trust in him and I know that you do also. As grown ups there are so many things that we have to do that we don't want to do, but there is "always" a bright side. As grown ups, there are so many things that we can do! We have to have a balance between work, family and play. Do what you feel most passionate about even if it doensn't bring you $$$$ or praise. I love to write and I have two books ready for publishing, but it's in God's time not mine. I also love to make greeting cards and gave away more than I sold. Also, it's in God's time. With all that being said, I still feel an incredible passion for life and smile with all 32 teeth showing (lol). My zest for happiness outweighs the sometimes thankless task we're asked to perform in our careers.

Sorry, I rambled on. I'm trying to say "BE Happy and spread love!

Peace and blessings!
sorry, i was on the phone and typing so there are some typos. I meant Strong Black Woman!

have a great day
SLC said…
Free Spirit ramble all you want, and I definitely know who STB (or SBW) is. Keep smiling and spreading!

ZACK said…
I think they made a good decision. But you know that God made the real decision for you. He still has work for you to do at that place. And for the people who got the ax, he has work from them to do at other places.

Just continue to work in his will and all things will CONTINUE to work together for them that love the Lord.

GOOD POST from a man with such a GOOD HEART!
Keith said…
Hey, How have you been? Hadn't heard from you in awhile. I did however continue to lurk over here and your other sites. Glad to hear that your job was spared ..but I perfectly understand how you felt.
I felt the same way myself at time..and probably for the same reasons you stated.Still I'm glad that you can continue to provide for your family, because at the end of the day..that's what it's really about when you're a be able to take care of those you love and feel responsible for. Take Care.
SLC said…
Thanks for the WORD Zack (Romans 8:28) and the Wisdom Keith.
Strongblkwmn said…
Great to see a new post! I was wondering where you were. I haven't posted in a little while either, but I still check in to see what my folks are doing.

Like butterfly said, we definitely know what you're feeling. We all know that we are blessed to be employed, especially in this economic climate.

The fact that you were excited about the prospect of something new and not down because your job was relocating just shows the level of your faith.
Parkay said…
Hi my brother, so very glad to hear from you. I too was getting a little concerned because I tried to visit your site and couldn't because it was unavailable. But nevertheless I am so glad to hear that you still have employment. So many people are losing their jobs and can't find work and my son is included in that number. I thank God that he can still maintain his home even though its not in the standard that he is use to but I believe God is showing him something and you as well. So staying put is one of them and we must still give him praise for keeping you and holding you down for whatever reason. You know too well how God sometimes works in our lives and I think you know that much better than I do. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your circle. PEACE!
Attorneymom said…
I know how you feel. My desire in life was to become a successful corporate attorney and buy a house in suburbs. I finally achieved my goal and I still feel unfulfilled. Now what?? Where do I go from here?? This cannot be it.

There is a price to pay to be a corporate attorney. Getting home 7:30 pm (sometime 9:30 pm) is unacceptable any longer. I want more flexibility. I want to smell the roses. I want to spend more time with my husband and children. I want a life.

I hope to return to practicing entertainment law within the next year and payoff all my debts. I also want to drop about 65 lbs.
Attorneymom said…
Here's to a fresh start and a blank canvass. What will you do with it?

Happy New Year
Love Ya!