Many years ago prayer was officially removed from the classrooms of our country. It took a while, but eventually prayer was replaced by guns and contraception. Many of the people educated in these prayer-less public schools are now CEO’s and board members of major corporations. Maybe this is a stretch, but if these people were educated in a system in which the loving conviction that comes from God for doing wrong was absent; a system in which acknowledging God was essentially forbidden until God was totally forgotten; are now responsible for a large chunk of the wealth of this nation, is there any wonder why the economy has gone to hell in a hand basket? If I could get Obama and THAT ONE on the phone I’d tell them to add a dose of prayer to the top of their list of what to do to fix the economy. If not, greed will continue to rule the day and increased poverty will be the result.

He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.
Proverbs 14:31


The problem with prayer school is that we would need to allow ALL prayer and we should keep in mind that not all people pray to Jehovah God or a God at all. I don’t think we need the school to enforce prayer. I think the real PROBLEM is we aren’t praying in our houses. When I was a little girl I remember grace before dinner, I remember waking up early and seeing my mom praying, I remember learning how to say my prayers at night before I went to bed, and I NEVER had prayer in school, but because it was instilled in me at home I knew what was really moral.

Many of the “Christians” we see today scream abstinence to there children but didn’t teach them why they should make that CHOICE, just told them too. I believe in FREE WILL because it the essence of My God, Jehovah is all about our free choice to believe and I believe that is why in things the prove or disprove his existence we can never get a definitive answer, for FAITH is the substance of things hope for and evidence of things unseen. Faith CAN NOT exist with out doubt. We have to raise out children to think and be present and hopefully make the right choices and pray or them when they do not. Train up a child…

Anyway I don’t think its prayer in school would have necessarily stopped any of this. After all I bet quite a few of those CEO went to private religious schools, where they pray or have mass at least daily. Just my two cents.

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SLC said…
Hi OG. Thanks for stopping by. I agree prayer in schools would not have stopped this mess and it,s just one indicator of how far away this country has moved from the God of the Bible. Been a long time since I saw Billy Graham in prime time.
We were fortunate to be raised in praying families.

Love you blog. See ya tomorrow
It's funny I was watching "wife swap" (I know weird) but anyway the new mom was an atheist and proud of it. She took all the spiritual paraphernalia out of the house and the father's comment was, that's ok (we have prayer in our hearts).

I agree with OG, if it would have to start at home. I remember saying grace and prayers before we went to sleep. I was also sent to Sunday school but didn't grasp the concept. Now that I'm a Christian, I get why most of America is so lost and so damn selfish. My only regret is that it's taken me this long to instill is my kids what I wished my mom had instilled in me. Don't get my wrong, I have to beautiful, respectful and loving children but I know some of their choices will be based upon the world's view and not always Gods. I use those moments to share in my testimony and as the bible has asked me to do, trust God with their lives and the direction he wants them to go.
Don said…
I remember back in my 10th grade year when the principal walked into our homeroom and notified everyone how prayer would no longer be allowed in public schools.

I thought it was weird, cause it was understood that everyone believed in God - In God We Trust, they write.

So, I never understood it then and I definitely fail to understand how it's not legal to worship or freely speak with the Most High, who created the world itself.
yeah it's funny watching wife swap