Mommy She Looks Like You
Having paid closer attention to Democratic and Republican primaries than ever before in my life, I had grown exceedingly tired of politics. I had even begun watching Sports Center in the morning instead of CNN just to get a break from it all. All of that changed on the night Michelle Obama spoke. My wife and I had put our three older children to bed, but our three year old was wide awake so we let him stay downstairs with us. We turned to NBC and caught the tail end of her bothers introduction. As Michelle began speaking my son, whom I was holding at the time, turned to my wife and said, “Mommy she looks like you.” Although I didn’t see a resemblance, through those words, I was pulled back into the process and began enjoying the most significant African American achievement of my life. Yes. I like Michelle am proud of my country for the first time in my adult life. I love my country, but I wasn’t proud until I realized that a significant number of white, yellow, red, brown, and black people had helped a black man and woman achieve the highest political office ever attained by a minority in this country. Yes I am aware that L. Douglas Wilder was the highest elected black official when he became lieutenant governor and the governor of Virginia, but as the first presidential nominee of a major party this moment is greater. It’s so great, even my son Elijah realized he was seeing someone speaking on television that had something in common with the most important person in his life. So while governor Palin knocks community organizers, I applaud them if only because my three year old son can see something familiar and positive in them.


Don said…
I co-sign the sentiments. I too tire of politics and everything which politics stand for, but there's just something about hearing inspiring orators like Michelle and Barack which transcends politics........also, the sentiments shared by your 3 year old mirror a post I once wrote about how little kids can become inspired through the plight of both Barack and Hillary.

check the 1/10/08 post:
Strongblkwmn said…
It's so important to be able to look on television, or in the White House, and see someone who looks like you. It's almost a luxury for us. It's kind of a running joke in my house. Whenever we're watching a movie or tv show and we see a black face, we put our fist in the air.

I'm just so happy that the family that will blow a hole in the stereotype that black families no longer exist may just be the first family.
How so very profound that your son was paying attention at the very moment in life. Grown ups are the ones "too busy" to notice. It always takes a child's view in life to "awken" us to those unforgetable memories. She looks like someone we all know and I'm in awe of her and her husband. She stands true to the saying "beside" every great man, not "behind" every great man! Wouldn't it be interesting if you kept a journal of life through Elijah's eyes.... Peace and blessings!
Attorneymom said…
Aw, that was a touching story. I love family stories. They make you appreciate your own family. I don't talk much about my family. I am married with 3 children (Ages 10, 9 and 7). I am still trying to figure out why I don't talk about my family much. I guess blogging is my time to do me. LOL. It is my zone. I guess I am being selfish.
Stacye said…
Michelle Obama loves her husband and family and it showes in everything she does and says. Bravo to her! SLC, I agree with free spirit butterfly, journal your sons comments, fore the word of God reminds us that "children will lead us" (paraphrasing of course). Keep them and when he turns 18 or 21 which ever age you think is appropriate, give them to him as a gift. Barack and Michelle...destroying the color barriers!
attorney mom you're not being selfish. if we don't feed our souls we're no good to anyone!