To whom also he shewed himself alive after his passion……………Acts 1:3
Not long ago I was pastor of a congregation of about 40 people (5 or 6 families) , but due to death, depression, marriage, divorce, drugs, and my own inexperience, I’ve found myself starting back at square one. In trying to figure out why I just would not throw in the towel I found myself looking for the word passion in the Bible. I found it, but it’s in their only one time and strangely enough in this usage it means suffering. In my simplicity I realized that anything you have a passion for (not a lust for), you’ll suffer for. Whatever God has called you to do; whether ministerial, political, educational, or social, your enemy will oppose, but because it’s your passion from God the Grace you need to sustain you through any crucifying experiences will make you greater at whatever you do, so don’t begrudge or even fear the suffering. ENJOY YOUR PASSION.
From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee,
when my heart is overwhelmed:
lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
Psalms 61:2


Hey, if you wanted a fan, you've got it. That's my favorite word "Passion" aside from God of course. I discovered my passion in 2005 and it (ain't) police work. However, somebody's got to do it. I love this post. Many blessings to you and your future whateve it may hold. The exciting thing to me is not knowing. I suffered a divorce in 2006 and as heart breaking as it (was) I am created new. That's why I'm afreespiritedbutterfly!
Don said…
There's no coincidence how I'm fortunate to read your post today. I asked someone not long ago why it appears that life is about suffering, or my life rather. She said that I had too much passion and needed to lose the heart.

Of course I cannot simply lose my heart, so I guess that means I will have my joyous days as well as my times of suffering.
Strongblkwmn said…
I'm glad I read this post. I actually wrote a post on my blog about my passion, which is writing. I'm finishing up my first novel and it's so true that people will try to stand in your way. I cannot wait to see what happens to all those who tried to hold me down when I realize my goal of seeing my book in print.

Good luck in all that you do and thanks so much for this post.
Attorneymom said…
I know I am reading this post five days later, but better late than never.

Thank you for sharing your experience and for posting Psalms 61:2. I needed that scripture.
Stacye said…
"...love is like playing the piano. First you play by the rules and then you must forget the rules and play from your heart!" I heard a Bishop say on Sunday that for those in ministry that have lost many, know that those weren't your people to begin with. Those same individuals that told you that they LOVED you and that they would never leave you were the same individuals that forgot that you were human and capable of making mistakes. They forgot to uphold you! Know that God knows your passion and appreciates it. I too am very fortunate to read your post today, although days later, and receive a blessing from it. I truly believe that without Passion we have already surrendered our souls! May God continue to bless you and your family in abundance!
hey, where are you? hope all is well with you and the family. peace & continued blessings! i know life can get busy and if you're a writer at heart like the rest of us, there's that stinky phrase they call "writer's block" (smile)
I don't know why but I've read this post the most.... I'm glad that you DID NOT THROW IN THE TOWEL, god has a plan for you!